Soft washing lasts up to 6x longer than the standard pressure wash. With our unique soft wash method you don’t have to stress over water waste, disruptive sounds, surface damage and the high nonrenewable fuel usage associated with pressure or power washing.

With Hurricane Harry’s surface treatment and cleaning system, we can clean your home’s exterior surfaces without the blowing and blasting traditionally associated with pressure washing.

Soft Wash and Cleaning Service

Hurricane Harry guarantees great results over mold, fungi, algae, bacteria and moss with the use of our soft wash water system highly effective 100% biodegradable, non-hazardous chemical cleaning system.

The Soft Wash Process Includes:

Does My Home Need Soft Washing

If you have a surface that is faded, filthy, dingy or stained, consider soft washing prior to repainting or resurfacing. A good deep cleaning can revive your houses appearance and make your surfaces look brand new.

There are many surfaces on your home and residential property that can benefit from our specialized cleaning techniques soft washing service including your roof, house siding, awnings, decks, patios, patio covers, fences, driveways, sidewalks, garage doors, and so on.

Why You Should Soft Wash Your House

  1. No Damage from pressure - Improperly trained or inexperienced pressure washers can cause extreme damage to a range of surfaces such as your roof or deck, particularly if they are older to begin with.

  2. Normal pressure washing simply removes the outer layer of this growth and does not solve the root of the issue, leaving your surface susceptible again not long after pressure washing is finished.

  3. More sustainable cleaning techniques - Weather that is roof cleaning, gutter cleaning services, window cleaning, or patio washing. We will send a certified and professionally trained employee to arrive with all of the proper equipment needed to clean your exterior living space.

  4. In order to protect your investment it is vital that you maintain the condition of your home to keep it looking fresh and clean. In the end we guarantee your patio will be free of algae, mold and dirt.

  5. Our #1 recommendation to every client is that you schedule regular maintenance to keep your property looking its best. Allow us to show you how clean we can make your patio.

Affordable Washing Rates

Our regular washing services will keep your home & business in great condition for the years to come. We offer all of our services at affordable prices. Your home is exposed to nature all year, so having it regularly cleaned will keep it maintained and looking great.

It is our determination to assist out clients better and give them the most effective results. Be sure to learn more about our different power washing techniques, including soft wash.

Professional Roof Cleaning

Your roof cold have years of life left in it: all it needs to be safely restored to its original beauty is soft washing. Rescue your roof and save money!  Your roof will look practically new again and get rid of all of the damaging and harsh growth that will ruin the life of your roof and looking old.

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What causes those black streaks?

Your roof isn’t stained – it’s contaminated!

This kind of algae is transformed through the air and tens to land, gather and grow on roofs. The black or brown discoloration seen on a lot of roofs that is frequently mistaken for dirt or soot is in fact a type of algae called Gloeocapsa Magma.

Besides creating uninviting black streaks, these algae also feed on the limestone filler in your shingles causing harmful damage and deterioration to your roof.

Why You Need to Soft Wash Your Roof

Power washing gets rid of only the surface layer of mold, mildew, algae and bacteria that can be found on your roof. For years, pressure or power washing has been the go -to for homeowners seeking to clean their roofs, however the frequently find that their black streaks return. Hurricane Harry has a dedicated SoftWash system that will clean your roof the right way without damaging your shingles. This process will keep the black streaks away for 3-5 years!

The discoloration might disappear for now, but without eliminating the algae completely, the discolorations typically return due to regrowth within six months. This is due to the fact that they’re not resolving the root of the problem.

Soft washing your roof lasts 4 to 6 times longer than traditional pressure washing. The soft wash system we utilize totally cleans your roof and removes stain-causing microbes by killing 100% of these pests. There’s no algae regrowth – only new growth.

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